Resilience Only Goes So Far: Why We Can’t Save Florida

Outside of China, the state of Florida is the most vulnerable province in the world to economic damage caused by climate change, largely due to the state’s geography. While climate adaptation spending can prolong the environmental viability and economic vitality of the state, most of this resilience spending seems to be little more than a Band-Aid.

Rising Sea Levels Threaten Florida Property Prices

Three of every four people in Florida live in the state’s coastal areas. About 5.9 million live in locations less than three meters (9.84 feet) above sea level. However, even though sea levels are rising gradually, gaining about an inch every three years in the most vulnerable areas, their impact on coastal property prices in Florida has been observable since 2012.

Unleashing The Power Of Robotics And Commercial Real Estate: What’s In The Future?

Modern robotics have become so advanced that they are transforming almost every industry on Earth, including the commercial real estate industry. While we’re still in the early days of the AI revolution, however, many people struggle to see what robotics and AI might be able to do for real estate professionals.