The Largest Landowner In Florida Owns A Ridiculous 690,000 Acres

Land in Florida sells for about $30,000 an acre. While almost 30 percent of Florida’s 65,758 square miles are publicly owned, the remaining 70 percent is open for business. The LDS Church has made quietly purchasing land in the state part of its own business.

Miami Sees Its First Population Drop In Decades

Surging housing costs and a fickle labor market, which by one measure still hasn’t recovered from the pandemic are sending many locals packing. Miami-Dade lost 79,535 people through net migration to other parts of Florida or other states between 2020 and 2022. Still, there are reasons for optimism.

Stigliano Commercial Real Estate Handles Corporate Headquarters Relocation

President Stigliano represented Miller Legg during the selection and negotiation of the lease of their new corporate headquarters in the Sawgrass Park Office submarket at 13680 NW 5th Street in Sunrise. Stigliano, along with the company principals, conducted an extensive search for alternative locations within Broward County before finalizing the lease.