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The Cracks In Commercial Real Estate Widen … A Billionaire Real Estate Investor Sounds The Alarm … Tracking The Daisy Chain Of Defaults … The Flip Side Will Be Enormous Opportunity

What is the “economic hurricane” headed CRE;s way? Millions of dollars of low-cost corporate debt are maturing over the next three years that will have to be refinanced at today’s significantly higher interest rates. This will cause enormous financial pain. But this is not all “doom and gloom” The flip side of economic crisis is opportunity.

The 2023 CRE Outlook: CEOs Weigh In

Economic uncertainty, global events and policy shifts could influence every CRE sector in 2023. Five CEOs from leading investment, finance and advisory firms made the case for cautious optimism as well as for making adjustments in the face of retrenchment. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Commercial Real Estate Landscape Remains In Flux, Experts Say

Changes to the commercial real estate landscape began as the COVID-19 pandemic expanded. Today the value of what were prime properties for institutional investors is minimal, and those that many wouldn’t have imagined became top performers. Evolution is now fundamental to every platform. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE