climate change

New Study Projects Sea Level Rise To Drain Florida’s Financial Future

According to a new study conducted by researchers at Cornell and Florida State Universities, with sea level rise projected to chronically flood properties, Florida can expect to lose a combined assessed value of $619 billion this century – a figure considered a likely significant underestimation.

Resilience Only Goes So Far: Why We Can’t Save Florida

Outside of China, the state of Florida is the most vulnerable province in the world to economic damage caused by climate change, largely due to the state’s geography. While climate adaptation spending can prolong the environmental viability and economic vitality of the state, most of this resilience spending seems to be little more than a Band-Aid.

Can You Build A Hurricane-Proof House?

Whether you’re building, buying or renovating, it’s important to consider hurricane resistance throughout your process. While it can be harder to turn an existing home into a home that’s ready to take a hurricane straight on, plenty of available upgrades can make your house tougher.