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Commercial Real Estate Landscape Remains In Flux, Experts Say

Changes to the commercial real estate landscape began as the COVID-19 pandemic expanded. Today the value of what were prime properties for institutional investors is minimal, and those that many wouldn’t have imagined became top performers. Evolution is now fundamental to every platform. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Competition Drives Property Prices To Record Highs

CoStar’s repeat-sales indices hit their highest levels in July driven by vast amounts of capital chasing deals and increasing competition among buyers. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Biden Tax Proposals Could Mean Pain For Real Estate

The triple threat proposals would be a simultaneous end to the 1031, basis step-up on death, and doubling of capital gains—three things near and dear to the real estate industry and viewed by a lot of people as part of the fabric of real estate investment. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE