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The Cracks In Commercial Real Estate Widen … A Billionaire Real Estate Investor Sounds The Alarm … Tracking The Daisy Chain Of Defaults … The Flip Side Will Be Enormous Opportunity

What is the “economic hurricane” headed CRE;s way? Millions of dollars of low-cost corporate debt are maturing over the next three years that will have to be refinanced at today’s significantly higher interest rates. This will cause enormous financial pain. But this is not all “doom and gloom” The flip side of economic crisis is opportunity.

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Fed Sounds Concern On CRE Distress

Distress in commercial real estate could rattle the rest of the nation’s financial system—an alarm quietly sounded by The Federal Reserve. The warning about the sector appears in the minutes from its meeting at the beginning of the month, which were just released. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE