Zoning, Infrastructure Limits Are Squeezing U.S. Land Supply

The Sun Belt fielded the lion’s share of migration spurred by the pandemic, and it has the land costs to prove it. The region’s average price of vacant land per acre more than doubled over the past two year. This in turn is keeping a vicious cycle in motion by making it more difficult to build and exacerbating local housing shortages. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Churches Emerge As Gems In Air Rights Trend

Developers want to build taller and denser projects making Miami churches and other historic sites gold mines if they possess unused air rights. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

West Palm Beach Says Its Economy Depends On Real Estate Investment

With a forward-thinking approach addressing the lack of office space that will help position the city for quality economy development, West Palm Beach officials and promoters want to put building cranes against the skyline. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE