New Climate Change Risk Study: Commercial Properties In Hurricane-Prone Cities Face Growing Price Tag

According to a study by nonprofit environmental research and technology group First Street Foundation and global commercial engineering firm Arup, retail, office and multifamily properties in hurricane-prone cities with fast-growing populations in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina face the largest projected increases in structural damage from flash floods and rising seas over the next three decades. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Venice Finds Possible Savior In ‘Moses’ System

Central to the plan to protect the city, some or all of the 78 barriers will one day be raised when the sea rises more than 43 inches, to prevent damaging high tides from pushing into the lagoon city. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

13 Mind-Blowing Facts About Florida’s Economy

The third biggest state in the country by population with the fourth biggest economy and a GDP larger than all but 16 countries, Florida is one of the United States’ economic powerhouses. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE