Diverse Demogaphics Are Flocking To Fort Lauderdale

FATVillageEmerging neighborhoods such as FATVillage (Flagler Arts & Technology Village), located in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, are hubs for local creatives who reside there, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries and apartments. Drawn to this creative energy and urban lifestyle, a growing number of companies are locating their businesses here and creating employment opportunities beyond the hospitality and construction jobs that defined Fort Lauderdale in the past.

So says Bradley Deckelbaum, principal of Premier Developers. He tells GlobeSt.com the word is out, and local people are choosing Fort Lauderdale over the western suburbs. That’s true whether they are young professionals just starting out, Baby Boomers who are downsizing, or people from outside the area who see Fort Lauderdale as a welcome alternative to Miami.

“With respected museums, performance venues and all the other amenities people seek in a city, Fort Lauderdale offers everything that Miami has, just on a smaller scale,” says Deckelbaum. “Add to the mix of attractions the city’s easily accessible beach and miles of navigable waterways, and you have an exciting, authentic and charismatic place to live.”

As Deckelbaum see it, developers and real estate analysts from outside Fort Lauderdale now are discovering what those of us who live here already know. Land prices here are cheaper and units are selling for half of what they would be in Miami.

“It’s likely to stay that way,” Deckelbaum says. “Fort Lauderdale is not simply in the midst of a boom; rather, it’s a small city that’s growing in many meaningful and lasting ways.”


Source:  GlobeSt.