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Stigliano Opens Consulting Division

Reese Stigliano, President of Stigliano Commercial Real Estate has established a Commercial Real Estate Consulting Division.

“While traditional brokerage involves connecting buyers and sellers, I realize that I can best benefit my clients by helping them position their properties to create maximum value,” said Stigliano. “Over the last three decades, I’ve become increasingly more active with land sales and development. As a result, I’m involved with more complex issues such as zoning, land use and governmental regulations.”

Property owners are always trying to determine what’s the Highest and Best use of their property or if there is a way to create additional value by rezoning. Up until now, their choices were to hire an expensive land use attorney or land planner. Stigliano now offers an alternative. He combines his consulting practice and brokerage company and offers a comprehensive “value-add” analysis of a property that provides many of the answers at a flat rate monthly consulting fee. If Reese is successful in obtaining the desired rezoning and site plan approval and then assists with the sale and disposition of the property, the consulting fee is credited 100% against the sale commission.

According to Stigliano this structure has been successful in several high profile projects such as the sale of the Crystal Lake Golf Course in Deerfield Beach which was rezoned to residential and sold to Lennar Corporation for $11 million and the 150 unit Avery Apartments, a former vacant parking lot in Pompano Beach that was sold to a multifamily developer for $5 million. Some of the other projects Stigliano is currently working on are a 75-acre, 300 single family home development in Fort Pierce, FL and a proposed 90-unit town house development in Opa Locka, FL that was previously a salvage yard.

The following services are provided by the Stigliano’s Consulting Division:

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Highest and Best Use
  • Recommendation & Coordination of 3rd Party Professionals
  • Coordination of Government Relations & Community Affairs
  • Zoning, Land Use and Site Plan Approvals

Stigliano was asked, who can use your services?

“Obviously, owners of vacant land, developers, attorneys who have clients that own vacant or functionally obsolete real estate or real estate brokers who do not have the experience in zoning or land use issues and would be interested in working on a referral basis.”

Reese Stigliano is a recognized leader in the South Florida commercial real estate market and brings over 35 years of experience in commercial real estate to Stigliano Commercial Real Estate. As president, he focuses on land sales, investment sales and office leasing.