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CRE Predictions For 2023: Distress, Opportunity And Another ‘Roller Coaster’ Year

Pointing in the opposite direction from a year ago, the Federal Reserve has pushed its benchmark rate to 4.5% after starting 2022 near zero. This rapid change in the state of affairs has ground sales volume to a standstill and killed deals around the country. So what will happen in 2023 in CRE according to real estate professionals? It will be a lot of ups and downs and expect the unexpected. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Fed Could Lower Interest Rates In 2024

The Fed has boosted the cost of short-term borrowing aggressively this year in its battle to curb inflation. But according to New York Federal Reserve President John Williams, a rate cut is possible in 2024 as inflation pressures likely ease. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE